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The secret is out – Christmas is not just for kids!

Treat yourself to an early Christmas bonus with these hot travel tips from Holiday Hypermarket It seems like no time at all since that barbigerous ...

Halloween Haunted House_120558097

Spooktacular London haunts to visit this Halloween

Are you out and about in London, whether for business or pleasure, and fancy getting your pants well and truly scared off this Halloween? Then check o...


A beginners guide to e-commerce

There are many options available to anyone starting out selling online. The first thing to do before you consider creating a web presence is some mark...


University degrees – worthwhile or just white noise?

Each month we ask you - the readers of Talk Business magazine - what your thoughts are on a hot topic or question within the business world. This m...

Business Success

Prometheus72 /

5 key lessons from successful business leaders

October 29, 2014 | Posted By:

Learning the skills of leadership is essential for business success. Why not turn an eye to those who have 'proved their salt' by forging some of the greatest companies of our time? Richard Forsyth, of Varn Media, takes a look at some sagely advice a...

  • Office dream_157327211
    Dream office wish list for SMEs revealed
    October 28, 2014 | Posted By:

    A luxury coffee maker, massaging chairs and Apple computers have made it into the top ten items most wished for in a dream office, according to a new survey. Experts at office search site, asked more than 500 workers what top of ...

  • Wonka_214732339
    Wonka’s factory chosen as the dream business for SME owners
    October 27, 2014 | Posted By:

    The Wonka Factory, from Roald Dahl's much loved classic 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', has been named as the fictitious business that SME owners in the UK would most like to run, according to a new survey. The survey of 500 small business ow...

  • money_157319228
    Why SMEs are vital to the UK
    October 15, 2014 | Posted By:

    With the news that SMEs employ over 80% of the UK's workforce, Boost Capital take a look at why they're so vital to the nation's fortunes in this handy infographic. ...

  • National business awards reveals ashridge business school leader of the year finalists
    October 9, 2014 | Posted By:

    The 2014 National Business Awards Ashridge Business School Leader of the Year finalists have been revealed as Fiona Woolf CBE, Lord Mayor of the City of London; Ronan Dunne, CEO of Telefonica UK; Steve Morgan, Executive Chairman of Redrow; Moya Green...

  • women gaming
    Women Gaming Numbers Shoot Up 20%
    October 8, 2014 | Posted By:

    A report published by the Mirror last year states that online gambling has caused a 32% rise in female gambling since 2010, and revealed another surprising fact – that women place the highest bets. Gambling has always been seen as a mainly mal...

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Business Strategy


How David can beat Goliath in business

October 30, 2014 | Posted By:

The little man can compete with the big conglomerates with these handy tips from Andy Speight, Managing Director, Digital Trip. It wasn’t that long ago that big businesses were able to dominate markets with the sheer power of a substantial adverti...


China business_217732711

How to make the most of the Chinese marketplace

October 24, 2014 | Posted By:

International trading can be a daunting experience for anyone unfamiliar with it. Zoe Ripley, international marketing director at ChannelAdvisor, helps to unravel the mystery that is the Chinese market and how you can make the most of it For many ...

  • poker
    Brand Ambassadors: What They Can Do For You
    October 15, 2014 | Posted By:

    It seems you can’t really move for celebrities gracing our TV commercials nowadays. From Clooney advertising coffee, to Cheryl Cole being “worth it,” to aging comedians offering windows and doors; the brand ambassador has never been more popular in t...

  • calm professionals
    Updated Guidance for Taxation Professionals
    September 22, 2014 | Posted By:

      Tax advisors have been given new guidelines on how best to deal with difficult situations. Seven of the UK’s leading professional bodies in the tax industry have updated previous guidance on dealing with legal and practical difficulties in ...

  • Property nightmare_27372298
    Is owning a business property a liability?
    | Posted By:

    Sarah McLoughlin, Senior Associate, B P Collins LLP, takes us on a journey that outlines some of the roadblocks and potholes waiting for the unsuspecting. Owning a business property is a doddle, right? After all it’s only bricks and mortar and tha...

  • money-1
    Finance Tips from the Experts at Mansartis Led by Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau
    September 18, 2014 | Posted By:

    Financial and investment services firms such as Mansartis, led by wealth management expert Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau, have formulated a system for achieving clients’ goals based on years of experience and seeing what works and what doesn’t. With ...

  • shutterstock_97095824
    Currency movements cost UK SMEs over £10 billion a year
    September 15, 2014 | Posted By:

    Ebury estimates that insufficient currency risk mitigation is responsible Ebury, the fast-growing financial services company that helps businesses to transact and trade internationally, has estimated that British SMEs have lost over £10bn in t...



How to Choose the Best Barcode Printers & Software for Your Work-Related Projects

October 29, 2014 | Posted By:

  People who are striving to grow their small businesses are constantly looking for advanced and affordable equipment that could increase their productivity and help them gain a competitive edge. These days, all companies that desire to reduc...

  • water
    Advantages of a Cloud Based VoIP Telephone System
    October 21, 2014 | Posted By:

    Every Business should have a Disaster Recovery Plan, but how many of us really do? Some disasters may strike with little or no warning (e.g. fire, burglary, hacking or system failure). Others may give some notice (e.g. rising flood waters, ...

  • samsung
    Why Samsung’s Latest Miracle Will Always Trump the Laptop
    October 20, 2014 | Posted By:

    Samsung recently released its latest marvel into the world, and it’s already showing its true beauty in the hands of gadget addicts everywhere. The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is the latest in a line of tablet offerings from Samsung (though this one was cr...

  • Website mobile_185863247
    How to ensure your retail business is optimised for mobile
    October 17, 2014 | Posted By:

    Zoe Ripley, international marketing director at ChannelAdvisor, takes a look at optimising your business for the mobile world. Portable platforms are growing in importance. According to comScore, 76% of the UK population own a smartphone while 42%...

  • john_abella_3D_printing_flickr
    5 Ways 3D Printing Is Changing Small Business
    October 14, 2014 | Posted By:

    The many uses of 3D printing have become more and more mainstream in recent years, with increasing numbers of businesses utilising the wide range of functions of the technology to streamline their production processes and reduce manufacturing cos...

  • Ideas_173113388
    Innovation: the key to entrepreneurial success
    October 13, 2014 | Posted By:

    We must keep innovating in order to succeed, says Michelle Proctor, Director of Innovation at FedEx As the Director of Innovation at FedEx, I had the pleasure of addressing the audience at the opening reception of the International Women’s Forum (...