Are TV masterminds, like Walter White and Scarface, killing your business?

When we think of the 'mastermind' archetype, we imagine figures like Walter White on Breaking Bad, or Al Pacino in Scarface and The Godfather Part II....

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Modern slavery warning to businesses over new legal obligations

Legal experts are warning businesses across a wide range of sectors that they could fall foul of the law unless they take steps to check out their sup...

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1 in 10 workers blow over 10% of their salary on commuting

UK workers are battling with increasing commuting costs according to a survey of over 4,000 senior business people across the UK by the world’s larges...


How I overcame the feminine fashion fears of the workplace

Heidy Rehman, founder of fashion retailer Rose & Willard, looks at the role of gender and femininity in the workplace, using her own experiences o...

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    Women achievers congress

    Success Resources will be hosting its first every UK Women’s Achievers Congress, created around the aim of inspiring, empowering and helping women succeed. This event will be featuring some of the greatest female motivational speakers and entrepr...

  • Becky Campbell

    Kent Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist on her way to join the ‘Skillionaire’s Club’

    Self-starter Becky Campbell, founder of digital marketing agency Reflect Digital, and finalist at this year’s Kent Excellence in Business Awards (KEiBA), is on her way to joining the ever growing ‘Skillionaire’s Club’: UK entrepreneurs who have forge...

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    WIN a stylish PearPeel dual phone case

    Tired of having to lug two phones around at once? Perhaps you have a personal phone and a work mobile that you have to keep on you? Well now you can ease the pain with this fantastic Rocha dual phone carry case from PearPeel - the first mobile phone ...

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    Insurance and Business Continuity: How to be Prepared

    In the midst of your flourishing business ideas, exciting client meetings and ambitious future plans, making sure you have the right insurance is probably something that inadvertently slides down to the bottom of your ever-growing priority list. Howe...

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    Creative KPI presentation

    As the inexorable march towards big data continues, the rise of infographics as an integral business tool has been well documented.   As businesses and consumers turn increasingly to electronic devices to fuel digital lifestyles, attempts to...

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    Are TV masterminds, like Walter White and Scarface, killing your business?

    When we think of the 'mastermind' archetype, we imagine figures like Walter White on Breaking Bad, or Al Pacino in Scarface and The Godfather Part II. These are sneaky, manipulative anti-heroes, who never deal straight with anyone. They always have a...

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    Seven ways to prepare yourself for a business event

    Do you have a big business event coming up? Whether it is an exhibition, tradeshow, conference or convention, these events are the ideal situation to increase your brand awareness and build valuable relationships. Simply showing up to the event wi...

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    The psychology of the call to action: The do’s and the don’ts

    We are all aware of the so-called call to action (CTA), which is used by online brands and businesses to promote a specific product or service. While the vast majority of business-owners apply CTA’s throughout their website content, marketing materia...

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    The Forecasting Trap

    Alternative lenders such as Just Cash Flow PLC are in a privileged and responsible position as we get to see the plans of businesses keen to invest and grow. Many are well thought out, based on thorough planning, forecasting and assumptions. These bu...

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    Would You Lend Your Friend Money?

    Asking a friend for money can be risky. Before asking for a loan from your friend, you need to think about a few things; Will you be able to repay the loan? How long it will take for you to repay the loan? Is it an interest free loan? Will ...

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    Holiday pay commission issue thrown into chaos

    The on-going issue of whether an employee’s commission payments should form part of their holiday pay calculations could be thrown into chaos following the latest decision by British Gas to appeal an earlier landmark employment tribunal ruling. ...

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    Four benefits of investing in a business van

    Most people are familiar with the popular employment perk of the 'company car' but not many people realise the number of benefits the use of a company van might bring. From helping transport inventory or products around to aiding employees in motivat...

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