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Switched on to Intellectual Property?


For entrepreneurs and start-ups, the idea is the business.  Identifying and capturing the Intellectual Property (IP) in the creations around it can make the difference. Here, we introduce the basics on why IP is an important consideration and introduce the idea of the IP audit. IP rights are intangible assets that protect the brand, designs, […]

5 Reasons why you should Switch your IT to the Cloud


What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is the practice of using remote servers, which you connect to via an internet connection, in order to manage and process your data, rather than doing this locally on your computer or device. In simpler terms, if you are using cloud computing, you will not need to store any […]

To Manage Your Paid Search Marketing In House, or to not; That is the Question!


Are you considering whether to handle your paid search marketing in house or outsourcing management to an agency? There are of course advantages to both options, and if you’re on a tight budget it might seem like a cost-effective idea to manage your PPC marketing in house. The question however should not necessarily be one […]

Top 10 Tips: A Guide to Choosing an IT Support Partner


Selecting an IT support company can be like trying to navigate a minefield at times, especially if you’re not particularly technically savvy. London based IT support company Netstar have put together this guide to choosing an IT support partner to help take some of the pain away. Things to Look For Response times: Is their […]

Cloud telecommunication services – is it really worth considering?


Cloud seems to have become a very popular term in recent months but marketing claims are not what businesses require. Businesses are looking for services that really make a difference to their operations, potentially save them money, and definitely save them inconvenience. In these circumstances many people are asking themselves a question: will the cloud […]

Revolutionary mobile loyalty initiative launched by EaziLoyalty


A revolutionary mobile loyalty initiative launched by EaziLoyalty is set to blaze the trail for small/large businesses wanting to use the power of mobile marketing to roll out future proof loyalty programs to their customers. A sister company of Eazi-Apps, the first and leading mobile app franchise in the UK, EaziLoyalty is geared up to […]

Diligence digital


At Diligence, we pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships with all of our clients and work as part of your team. Our approach is to blend consultation with your team, with outstanding design to capture your ideas, requirements and visions, on time and within budget. Our friendly and approachable attitude has led us to […]

Opening the Door to New Business


Most companies suffer from the same old problem – they would like more clients but they are just not sure how to find them. Today more and more companies are using a variety of marketing tools & strategies to help get themselves in front of perspective new clients to promote their products and services. One […]

Think big, start small


What do the biggest of brands and the most ambitious of start ups often have in common?  Many have humble beginnings but all harbour big ambitions. No matter how high your goals it pays to start building your brand and reputation from day one. Thinking one step ahead keeps you moving forward but also ensures […]

How to…Plan for a trade show or exhibition


Exhibiting at trade shows is a great way to meet current and prospective clients, but there is little to be gained from doing it badly, your stand must stand out and you need to give people who would otherwise walk past a reason to stop and talk to you. So here are my top tips […]