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Why a flexible workforce will save you thousands

flexible worker

The UK skills shortage is costing companies, particularly SMEs. Research by Sandler training, a business development company, found that over half of small businesses claim that a lack of applications for positions is leading to bad hires, costing businesses, on average, £14,000 per employee. More and more, companies are turning to freelancers and contractors, who […]

Sell More By Crunching Stats, Analyzing App Usage, And Optimizing Interfaces

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While retailers often lean on ecommerce platforms to spur revenue generation, they may be paying insufficient attention to another profitable platform for business growth. According to comScore research, there is an increasingly larger number of retail product searches and purchases being done on mobile devices. How comScore Classifies Internet Devices Before delving into the comScore […]

How to avoid a financial hard landing

Depending on whose figures you choose to believe, something like 50% of new businesses fail within the first year.  Why?  The simplest answer is that they run out of money.  That’s a bit like saying “the plane crashed because it lost too much height.”  The statement is so obvious it sounds stupid.  But that is […]

The Minimum Wage – Never Far from the News


The minimum wage has been in the news in the UK over the conference season and beyond. It seems the policy is beginning to stir up as much controversy as it did when it was being seriously debated prior to Labour’s victory in 1997. First the Green Party announced that the National Minimum Wage (NMW) […]

Why SMEs are vital to the UK


With the news that SMEs employ over 80% of the UK’s workforce, Boost Capital take a look at why they’re so vital to the nation’s fortunes in this handy infographic.

Turning An Idea Into A Business


With the economy the way it is, a lot of people are feeling the pinch both at home and at work. Unemployment is a very real problem and for those people who do have a job, there’s a lot of pressure to remain in jobs that they might not necessarily like. With dissatisfaction rife amongst […]

A pain in the Glass?


  Matthew Dick and Anna Reid of D Young & Co, look at a recent attempt by Google to trademark the word “Glass”, to highlight the issues for businesses trying to trademark a descriptive word Trademarks can be a tricky business, and some will look to take advantage of the complexity of current laws. Therefore […]

The perils of rising interest

arrow interest rates

Are you ready for higher interest rates – and is there anything you can do to cushion the blow? Adam Aiken takes a look Interest rates have been at a historical low of 0.5% for more than half a decade. There have been suggestions at various times during this period that rates are about to […]

It’s an Android World

Jon Bradford

Tech Stars’ Jon Bradford investigates how Android has gained ground, while Silicon Valley snobbery isolates Apple Nothing creates more arguments and flame wars online than raging debates  between Apple’s iPhone fan-boys and those of Google’s Android operating system. It is widely accepted that Apple’s iPhone and IOS operating system were years ahead of anything else […]

How to increase your website conversion rate

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Eddie O’ Driscoll, Managing Director of digital marketing agency DPFOC, takes a look at your websites conversion rate and how you can optimise it in this handy infographic.

Flexibility tempts half of British SMEs to the Cloud


Almost half of Britain’s SMEs have now adopted Cloud services in order to make their businesses more flexible while reducing capital costs, reports a new survey by Vistage, published today.   The findings of the new research among Vistage members, focused on Cloud use and based on responses from 439 CEOs, MDs and owners of SME […]

Endure those dreaded meetings – Over £165 of prizes to be won

win prize - August

Make the most of meetings with over £165 of great prizes to be won! **THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED** Nobody likes meetings. They can drag on for ages and often you leave with a list the length of your arm to add to your “to-do” list. But thanks to the companies featured in “We love…” this […]

Sector specific experts to deliver high impact education at The Meetings Show 2014

TMS Education 2

Experts from the meetings industry as well as key vertical sectors have created a targeted education programme for The Meetings Show 2014 with streams dedicated to agency bookers, corporate planners, associations, pharmaceutical & healthcare, PAs and secretaries, technology and meetings design. “We have once again sought the wisdom and experience of industry leaders to create […]


Last year 87% of small businesses were not* Nominet is a brand new web-based service to help keep YOUR business safe online. WE give you 3 months FREE access > All YOU do is tell us what you think *BIS 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey  Don’t be one of them, keep YOUR business Safe online, […]

What would you do if your business was attacked online?

If cyber security is high on your worry list but low on your priority list as you don’t know how to protect your business, you are probably one of the many micro and small businesses not equipped to deal with cyber attacks. With this in mind Nominet, guardian of the UK domain family infrastructure have […]