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Coach outing

Business coaching may come with a hefty price tag, but it can be money very well spent, finds Peter Bartram

When Steven Herd set up his estate- and letting-agency, MyLondonHome, he decided he needed some business coaching. He says: ‘As a business leader, my staff look to me to lead them – but who is leading me, making me accountable and challenging some of the things I do?’

Herd has hired entrepreneur Chris Kaday as his business coach. Herd says that he was looking for a coach who’d had hands-on experience of running his own business. Kaday has a background in IT and marketing. He built his own successful marketing company which he sold 10-years ago to an American corporation.

Kaday says that business owners generally come to him for one of three reasons: ‘Sometimes they have a good idea which they want to turn into a business – but they realise that a business needs to be more than just a good idea. Sometimes they feel they are working too hard for the returns they’re making – and are seeking a remedy. And sometimes they would simply like to make more money from their business.’

But for any coaching to work, there has to be good chemistry between the coach and the business owner. And the owner has to be receptive to new ideas…

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